Now you guys ask why?
I have been trying to find New York, New York hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada without success. I am in SoCal and the distance to the Strip is about 280~290 miles, and of course I use USA1 map.

- Select Planning Route -> POI
- Categories = Casino or Hotel or Tourist Attraction, type in Item = New York => No such thing on all of the above categories.

I realize that it only limit to 50 miles radius. I change it to whole map, with map center is in SoCal

- Repeat the search with the above categories, Nothing found.
- Change item to Monte Carlo, Nada, nothing.

The samething happen when I change to go to Laughlin, Nevada and look for Harrah, Flamigo, Edgewater, nothing return.

However, for airports, it did a very darn nice job. I try to look for a tiny little airport by my work place, it found it.

And I have to go back to the setting to change the selection from 50 miles radius to whole map again. I know this is for performance reason but that is really a PITA. POI within 50 miles radius, you can see it on the map, there is no need to search for it.

With the worst POI database like Routis, I can find most well known places I want.
Maybe someone can show me the technique to search for POI.
Sorry for the rant but NM, you did one hell of a job for us.