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Thread: Where Does The Speed Camera Data Come From

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    Where Does The Speed Camera Data Come From

    ... I read this first.... Speed Camera FAQ ?

    Any way - where does the data come from. I planned to use the 'import' feature to load a csv file from pocketgps but I think I miss understood the function all together. I also found that the files them seleves have now changed to dcd files - what are they ?

    Is there any way to tell D3 to use a specific csv file rather than the supplied DB to use for imports ? This would mean that a new version of the prog would not be needed to update the database.

    Help ? Feeling stupid again... just can't get the speed camera thing right.

    Terran ( Probably needs adding the to web FAQ when there is an answer )

    PS Get the attached error when I do try and import... 900 or so cameras only where sucessfull. An bug ? If so I will post there.
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