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Thread: step by step installation?????

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    step by step installation?????

    Hi, the map monkey software looks great - I want!

    I am new to the gps stuff so would anyone be able to provide a step by step guide/help on what I need to buy/download to get it on to my PC and working in the UK. I have a gps receive already.

    I have downloaded mapmonkey, next?

    any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Well, to say it short (but can also found on the forum):

    - Get mapmonkey and install it.
    - Copy the maps for the coutry you want to c:\destinatorapps\destinator\
    - Replace DestDLL.dll in c:\destinatorapps\destinator\ with the DLL from the full version of Destinator, otherwise Mapmonkey will remain in demo mode.
    - Start mapmonkey configuration, and select the speed format you want (mph/km), skins, gps settings and other stuff you want to personalize
    - Go navigate...............

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