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Thread: Official Destinator 3 SDK that can use full size maps

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    Quote Originally Posted by evoen
    I know Im a bit late to the game but Im really frustrated. I bought the SDK and purchased all the maps needed for North America only to find out none of them will work together because I also need the .dll file. When I e-mailed to get the file I was told that the file only gets sent out to developers(I bought the fscking SDK, doesnt that make me a developer?) and will expire in August. Seems Im not the only one in this situation. So am I to just except that I wasted $150 on trying to use D3?
    I'm in the same boat, only I spent ~350 for US and Euro maps. Plus I don't even know if I'll be able to use the PN maps I bought. Can anyone help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lanman1
    Can anyone help?
    Apparently not because I'm in the same position and haven't gotten an anwswer yet... I've basically written Destinator off and I am moving on to something else, don't know what yet though...

    The whole reason I wanted a carputer was to have gps. Now I've got this thing completely built with major $$$ invested and the one thing it lacks is GPS It's still a pile in my floor though, I want it completely 100% before I tear into my truck. But it does real good at holding the carpet down while I wait.

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    SDK or not it doesnt matter. The only needed file from the sdk is the dll. You only need the dll for MM to have full size maps.

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    email sent

    Quote Originally Posted by Dunk
    Thanks Terran. Agree we should do all to get away from Destinator - they sucks. Of course they have not refunded my $50 or mailed the dll. No luck with Limewire eigther.

    If anyone has a copy of the dll please mail it to this email: destinator321 at

    Will have a look at Alturion but it's a pretty big job to write a "new" Map Monkey with Alturion support. Maybe we can get some help from Ninja?


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    Can someone e-mail this file to me too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dunk
    Still no answer from Destinator/HSTC regarding a working destdll.dll file or money back!

    Changed to Freedrive. It works really well.

    Only problem with freedrive is that it's not build into Frodoplayer or Roadrunner so you are not able to control the volumne and music when using Freedrive in full screen mode. Hoping for theese features in a future release.

    Just to let you know that I have now included a winamp volume control into FreeDrive, this lowers the volume when talking. There are quite afew skins out now that support FD.

    Has anyone tried installing MM and then FD over the top ? You will then be able to use both :-)


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    I did and they both work but I feel the same as dunk about the media controls for FP.

    RexBruMet Skin for FrodoPlayer

    Nissan Aux-in MOD

    Quote Originally Posted by bgoodman
    We're an international forum, post in whatever langauge you like.

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