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Thread: Strange Bug in MM...

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    Strange Bug in MM...

    I reinstalled the OS on my carpc about 10 days ago, then I install RoadRunner and the lastest version of Map Monkey. I uses a Pharos GPS in Advanced GPS mode with Sirf protocol. Everything worked flawlessy for some days but, 2 days ago, when the pc woke up from the hibernation MM said "GPS not found". No matter how many times I tried to reconnect. Of course the GPS was perfectly recognized by WinXP. Then I tried to delete settings.ini, restart MM, configure it for the first time, and it worked. However, if I close and restart MM again, the configure windows pop up again (settings.ini was altready saved correctly!) and then the program won't work anymore. If I delete settings.ini again, I get the same situation.

    What can I do? Reinstall MM? Is this a known bug?

    Thanks in advance,


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    There are some required fields in settings.ini that the configuration won't recreate, you should never delete it.

    I think there may be a problem with your GPS and SiRF mode...try using NMEA and see how you go on

    (You'll probably have to reinstall Map Monkey to fix the settings problem)
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    Sirf is not a problem, since it worked correctly for about a week (before that I used NMEA, instead).

    Tomorrow I'll try reinstalling it.


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