Ok what am I doing wrong?

I am in City, Street, Zip mode but when I try to select a road from a list like this...

boring, street
boring, road
boring, avenue
crazy, street
crazy, road
crazy, avenue

and I click on crazy,road

I dont see it above selection bar, only 'city, crazy, number

it seems to selct the right one as if I select crazy street I can choose numbers 1 to 10 etc and crazy road gives me numbers 1 to 100 (IYSWIM)

same thing if I choose street,city as a way of selection, I can enter my street, then my town, but If I try to do it city,street and select my city, my street is not in the street list ?

Whats going on?

sorry for being a newbie to this but I am better with things with wires in em.