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Thread: New Maps

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    New Maps

    A bit of advice wanted plz. I've pulled my maps from a copy of Destinator 3 PPC edition, the WCE file states the version is 2003.Q2.2071, I was just wondering if these are the latest UK maps? The problem Im having is when I approach a round about it doesn't reconise it, it says turn left then left then right or something similar. I've done some research on the mp3car forums and only thing I found was a thread that mensioned this could be a map problem. If it is a map problem is there a way I can buy map updates rather than keep buying the full destinator package everytme? Any help would be appriciated.


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    Well, there are newer maps available.

    The ones I have here are dated 2004.Q1.2518

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    Version 2004.Q1.2518 - map of TeleAtlas. Compressed main graph, HLG3, Toll roads, Signed for Left-side driving, Signed map

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    Yes it is a map problem,

    You need the 2004 maps which work fine with roundabouts
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