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Thread: Bad performance with retrieving Monkeytalk info

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoyN

    it was to NM to check out the bad performance...
    wow, I'm tired.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xBrady
    Hey Ninja, when using MonkeyTalk and trying to retrieve information I am getting mildly bad performance. These 4 lines use 2% of my CPU each:
    double latitudeM = myMonkeyTalk.Latitude;
    double longitudeM = myMonkeyTalk.Longitude;
    int speedM = myMonkeyTalk.Speed;
    int directionM = myMonkeyTalk.Heading;

    This isn't much CPU usage on my computer because it is pretty fast but on slower computers it uses a lot. Any ideas of why it would be doing this?
    Ninja, I've been working with xBrady on GPSSecure and he asked me to resurrect this thread. The following link describes my problem, much like what xBrady described above but worse. My 400MHz machine pegs the CPU at 100% with RR, MM, and GPSSecure.

    [BETA] GPSSecure

    Can you help us out?

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