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Thread: Sirf Advance Gps Mode Help

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    I could *never* get my BU-303 to work on COM3 - it did what has been mentioned - gets first position and then doesn't update.

    Is the receiver being used a USB receiver? If so, try switching the driver to a higher COM port number, and change the MM config accordingly. That is what worked for me.

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    yeh i guess i will work with sirfdemo and mm again after next week, got a ton of stuff ahead of me this week, anyway does your mouse gps turn off when your computer is off? how long does it take for it to acquire satellites once turned on? i am thinking of putting on the jumper on my opus 90, that will keep my usb ports powered on including my mouse gps but i am worried that it will affect my car's battery. the advantage i see though is that my mouse gps dont have to lose signal even when the car is off and so when i turn on my car and pc the gps will work instantly. do i have the right idea here? anybody had experience with this idea yet? thanks
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    by the time my pc boots up.. and i start the gps software it already has a lock on satellites. and can immediately point me in the right direction.
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    Mine also seems to get a lock pretty quickly...

    I have now isolated the problem as follows:

    - Sometimes when MM starts the frontend seems to not be communicating with destinator... I get my speed, but dont get map updates...
    - I must quit MM and try to launch it again until it finally works...

    I wonder how these 2 components comunicate...

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    wats the dif between sirf and nmea?

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    Royn, I have the same problem. Using FP when I first start MM it gives me my current location but no moving map and no current speed. It also says that the GPS is in use. If I close down FP and re-start it, then it all starts working fine. I also noticed that sometimes (although rare) it actually does work first shot.

    I'd also like to know what's the difference between sirf and NMEA and what are the advantages of using sirf?? Anyone??
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    I also have the NSA-U3 reciever and was experiencing the same problem.
    Here is how I solved it:

    Unplug the NSA-U3 before starting!
    • Download the PL-2303 Driver:
    • Run the install utility. If you have a choice between reinstalling and uninstalling, UNINSTALL THEN REBOOT. Rebooting is absolutely necessary for this to work (I spent several hours trying to fix this damn thing only to have the reboot fix it).
    • If the setup utility simply installs the driver, proceed to the next step.
    • Download and install SiRFdemo v3.40. You MUST use this version!
    • Plug in the NSA-U3. Wait a bit while the driver is installed then check the device manager for "Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port". On my system it installed itself as COM3. Check that the driver version is with date 7/25/2005
    • Start SiRFDemo, select the proper COM port, and set the baud rate to 9600
    • Select Action -> Open Data Source
    • You should start seeing NMEA data in the "debug view" window
    • Select Actio -> Switch to SiRF Protocol
    • The "Signal View" window should update with new info.
    • Select Action -> Switch to NMEA Protocol
    • A window titled "NMEA Setup" should open
    • Click the "Set Defaults" button, then set the baud rate to 4800
    • Click Send

    You should now be able to freely switch between SiRF mode and NMEA mode. NMEA will now work with all map programs because the GPS is now set to 4800 baud.

    I realize this is an old thread, but this information might be very useful for others!

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