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Thread: In my opinion about MapMonkey

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    Quote Originally Posted by vol
    okok, I know, my english not good ..... but no problem if it's difficolt for you

    Hey no offense, I thought it was good quote!
    Destinator 3 For PC! -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninja Monkey
    Hey no offense, I thought it was good quote!
    Me too, wish I'd thought of it.
    Only true postwhores remember everything they post


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    I'm using Routis, for now, but just wanted to suggest that when it comes to free software often a good way to motivate the programmer to make changes you want is through contributions. Maybe a "this would be worht $20 to me if..." or "I'd gladly pay $50 if it could..." might be warmly welcomed.

    I'm not speaking on behalf of NM at all here, not suggesting he is only motivated by money (which obviously he is not), but my generaly opinion is I'm very fortunate to get good software for free and I shouldn't be reluctant to make a contribution to get it just how I want it, if the changes are viable.


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    At the risk of chewing a newbie out.....

    How much have you paid for it ?

    How much time has NM put in to it ?

    If you don't like it use some thing else.....


    ( Does this not sound like a Zorro situ coming up or what )

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    Nope, it doesnt sound at all like the Zorro situation IMHO...

    He merely is pointing out some difficulties he has (many clicks to get to saved locatoin, no searcvhing of saved locations, etc)... he cant speak english well (we can all see that and he admits it), he is just asking/suggesting a feature as far as I can tell...

    he never said anything in an agressive tone or anything... I think it was a contructive first post if you ask me... much better than the "i want to put a computer in my car but i cant fit my 15" crt monitor in it, and [this is essential] how do i power it?" questions that people usually post as first posts... this guy is pointing out real-world uses, and real world potential problems...

    whether NM has any desire/time to add those failities is an entirely different issue. but the attitude that drove Z crazy was a bad attitude, this guy doesnt bring any of that IMO

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    I stand corrected - I missed read a couple of posts.....



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    Quote Originally Posted by vol
    I use mapmonkey 1.1.348 ver end I ride with mapmonkey in Copenhagen, Denmark
    I have same think about this program
    1 Very long way get to my saved location, if it's possibly make my saved location button on the main sheet near "plane route" button
    2 No search line in my saved location sheet, I always search my point with down arrow, that discommodity
    3 I can't see selection information that quickest or shortest route in the main sheet near information cell
    4 Program canít recalculate quickest or shortest route as I drive
    5 Navigation, show and tools buttons to small, Iíd larger than life

    So, thatís my opinion about mapmonkey

    Apologies if I have misunderstood you in any of these.

    First 3 can't help you with.

    4. When I drive, route gets recalculated if I go off route.
    5. These can be changed with skin I believe.

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