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Thread: Cannot see imported speed cameras ?

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    Cannot see imported speed cameras ?

    I imported the norwegian speedcams.
    I also added one myself.. It was an that have been there for years, so I wanted to check out what cameras actually are there...

    I clicked: Menu, Destination, Favorites.

    "FE_Speedcams" - shows the one camera I added.
    "Imported Speedcams" - is an empty list
    so is "Auto Alert x" ..empty...

    re-importing helps nothing, it skips them because they are in DB alredy.

    How can I see the cameras that are supposed to be there ?

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    You need to click "Copy to favorites" if you want them to all appear on the map at once, otherwise they'll be added as you drive near them.

    On the map or not, you'll still be notified when you're approaching it
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