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Thread: Destinator SDK warning!

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    Destinator SDK warning!


    I purchased an SDK license and received the SDK files on the 18 of May.

    As suggested in this post, "Map not registered" and "Destinator SDK not for sale" messages *UPDATED* ,I replied to Rafiq Kassam, asking for the files necessary to use full sized maps. But I still haven't received a reply from Rafiq.

    I might suggest only to buy the SDK. Wait until you receive the necessary files for using full sized maps, and then buy the maps.

    At leased then you only loose $50 for the SDK!

    / Micke

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    They will delivery but it will take some time.....

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    Like thanatos106 says it make take some time but Rafiq will eventually reply. He has been getting a bit funny about handing out the dll lately probably due to the large number of requests. I had to tell him all about my project before he would send it out. I made up a story about some huge corporate system that I was going to be building and he responded pretty quickly!!

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