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Thread: join destinator maps

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    join destinator maps


    after some starting problems i have MM working. I have German Destinator Maps.

    But the Problem is, that there is no map from complete Germany. There are regional maps from serveral Regions.

    Is it possible to join the regional maps to one complete map.

    As example when i want to travel from Munich to Berlin - it is not possible because the citys at different maps.

    i hope my english is good enough for understanding my problem

    regards lsy.

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    No, not as far as I know.

    However, there are maps from Germany available. There are also (as you have) splitted-maps, north and south germany (and parts of austria) are also available.

    I have 1 big map of Germany. However, haven't used it, since the trip to Hungary (from the Netherlands) is quite easy and I only used the Major-roads-of-Europe map.

    The Germany maps are 183Mb in total. (Tele Atlas) I dont know about Navtech maps.


    Version 2004.Q1.2794 - map of TeleAtlas. Compressed main graph, HLG3, MB-16, detour repaired v3, Updated POI, Signed map

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