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Thread: Comm Port In Use!

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    I have same problems.

    Thing is, if i unplug Bu-303, and plug it back, it founds also Microsoft Ballpoint mouse, which needs to be disabled since GPS is trying to act as mouse( mouse pointer jumping around the screen).

    After it is disabled, GPS works fine, but after many times disabling BALLPOINT mouse, GPS is allways detected on another port(Also BALLPOINT mouse is).

    When i have done this many times, every com port where BALLPOINT mouse has appearedand wherefrom it is disabled, are in use.

    Well, i can uninstall these BALLPOINT mouses to free the COM ports, but after they were in use, i cannot set them under MM destinator GPS status settings ... There is only COM3 available.

    In MM config i can set these ports easily, but it just doesnt work.
    I allways need to set it from MM Gps settings too...

    Any workaround to find other ports than COM3 ? Since BU303 doesnt seem to work lower ports than COM6.


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    I have the samme issue with my bu-303!

    I just close mapmonkey and starts it again. that works fine for me. Runs on com3.
    But it is kinda irritating that it is nessecary!

    I have set the port in the configuration utility, not elsewhere!

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