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Thread: How to turn off routing via Unnamed Roads?

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    Question How to turn off routing via Unnamed Roads?

    G'day all.

    I know this isn't specific to MM, but I have been playing with planning a few routes, and Destinator/MM will plan a route through a local park or an airport access road, for example.

    Now normally I wouldn't object to doing some Urban 4WDing around the kiddies on the swings and slides, but the authorites (and my wife) might...

    How do I stop Destinator from routing "via Unnamed Street leads to Smith St..." ?

    I've stopped one near my house by putting "Smith St" in the avoids list, but in most cases, Smith St would be a valid street to be on. Funnily enough, there are no "unnamed roads" in the list.

    BTW I'm using Australian maps.

    Any ideas?


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    I have had the same problem

    D3 wants me to go through a national park (which had a locked gate)
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    I find that if the route is rubbish and you actually know where you are supposed to be heading, just ignore D3 and force it to re-calc... Not perfect but works. Sounds like the Aus maps are just as bad as the others

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