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Thread: Few Questions About Map Monkey and Destinator

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    Few Questions About Map Monkey and Destinator

    1. I have installed the program and it works after I copied my english map of Israel , but when I try to run the Hebrew Isarel map I see ???? instead of letters so I wondered if it is my computer issue which is not likely or is it the Destinator version which is in Map Monkey because seems like it doesn't has Hebrew language so perhaps it is the reason I can't load hebrew map. If so , is it possible to copy somehow my PPC version and make the Map Monkey load the PPC version ?
    2. I read few threads about installing FreeDrive in addition to Map Monkey, wanted to ask what is it for and do I really need it ?
    3. Sometimes when I load Map Monkey there is error saying something is wrong with map monkey, I am using the last version, not sure if it includes the fix. Wanted to ask if the fix should fix it or my problem is new one and it has something to do to my PC.
    Thanks in advance for your help

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    1. Pocket PC maps will work. you can even use the Pocket PC map cutter.
    2. FD would just be another GPS application, there are many. Some choose MM & FD. I personnaly use MM & Delorme Topo. To run 2 application, you will need to split the Com signal/data.
    3. not sure, check that you have the purchased DLL / proper DLL and any current fixes/ releases.

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