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Thread: Feature request: speed camera notifications based on current speed

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    Feature request: speed camera notifications based on current speed

    Ninja, thanks for a very good and robust piece of kit. i have never had MapMonkey crash (though other bits have) so I am well impressed.
    as you probably know, the world's favourite road, the M25 is festooned with speed cameras - so much so that there is pretty much a continuous stream of warnings from MapMonkey - and I cant listen to any music. here's a request:
    Would it be possible for MapMonkey to warn of impending speed cameras only if the current speed is greater than the speed camera limit?
    Maybe this could be a switchable option i.e. you can choose to have "all" cameras announced or to use the Smart announcements that also check your current speed.

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    It already does, if you have "Logic Mode" enabled. This won't work if the database doesn't have the speed limit for the camera though
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    Had this too between the M40 and M23 CCW - virtually non stop speed cameras. Any chance of a button to disable speed camera voice prompts on the fly. It might make sense to reset back to enabled it on every reboot too.

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