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Thread: Garo's Extra POI Plugin 1.0 beta 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by peijffertje

    I got it to work and I get notified when I aproach POI's but what I dont get are the bitmaps on the map that correspond with the POI's.

    I emptied my database with cam's in MM so that I use the cams I import from Tomtom in Garo's plugin only, but the cam's from MM are still displayed on the map. Does that have something to do with it?

    I apreciate your help.
    Yeah, it is (another) D3 bug. So, nothing can be done.
    Moreover, I won't work anymore on this plugin; I am still coding my frontend that has much more functionalites. Bye!

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    bitmaps in MM

    Garo, thanks for your reply..

    I will keep an eye out for your new frontend!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccsnet
    Another POI site for you
    Is that the correct link?

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    I do see POI's into the favorite folder, but on the map i do not see the BMP icon file on the location ?
    Also some POI's do work and give range from current location and other POI's only show up empty or give all the items without distance range...

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