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Thread: Voice prompts are wrong?

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    Voice prompts are wrong?

    Hi there,

    I've noticed that the voice prompt can be irritating at times.
    For example if you need to turn right after some time it says:

    TURN RIGHT.... after 200M

    By the time it is clear that there still is 200M to turn right you already have turned right.

    So it would be MUCH better if it would say:

    After 200M turn right

    This way it is immediatly clear there i going to happen something after 200M and not directly.

    I don't know if its a problem of the destinator 3 SDK, or if it can be fixed in mapmonkey itself.

    If its the SDK, maybe the new destinator PN SDK fixes this? Any news on supporting the new SDK? It would be great to have whole europe instead of always manually switching mapps.


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    this has been asked and there is a solution somehwere but i can't remember it so I am afraid my advice is search

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    Hi.. i had your same problem.. and i on MM for BAD information that it gave you.. Beforre you crash with your car.. and after it says: "within... x meters" MY GOD!!!
    Now it is finally OK!

    You can read this 2 Thread that i will reinstate on the top of pages (here near)..
    if you want other information or file to put directly in your program, let me know..

    Bye PaPo..

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    Thanks, it works indeed.
    Its a bit of work but then you also have something...

    Only thing is that with the dutch language addon the sentence created now is not logical... But maybe i edit the wav files so it will be correct

    I think this change for the englisch language should be default for al new versions of mapmonkey... Maybe this can be added Ninja?

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