Is it possible to extract city names and street names from a Destinator map file?

I知 using Destinator 3 with mapmonkey. I知 also testing a voice recognition program where I知 able to give commands dictate and use speech to text. The speech to text works really well if I知 writing an e-mail or something like that but it doesn稚 work at all when I try to enter small cities or street names. This is because my program compares what I say with a dictionary and streets and smaller cities are not included there.

One great thing about the voice recognition program is that it is able to analyze documents so if I知 able to extract all cities and streets (preferably only in Sweden, I have the Scandinavian map) I could then put them I a text file and then add it to the dictionary. The problem is that I don稚 know how to do this. Does any one have an idea how to do this?

I have one idea and that is to use 溺ap Cutter. Under tools and find address I知 able to browse all city痴 and addresses. This would make it possible to extract everything manually (with some kind of script that probably would have to run for days or weeks). The biggest problem here is that I would not only get Sweden. I would get entire Scandinavia.