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Thread: Map Monkey for Mac!?

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    Map Monkey for Mac!?

    as a mac user, we dont have any good GPS programs, i have been using map monkey via virtual PC and i must say it is VERY good, so can i request a port of map monkey to mac os x? please? plus wouldnt you say that it is a good time to do so? as more and more people are putting mac mini's in there car decks beacuse they fit perfectly! and are so small!

    so please make many users very happy, and to make you happy i'll gladly donate if you want

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    I hate this sort of post, and I will explain why...

    You obviously dont know much about how software works, and in such case instead of "whining" "please, please make manmy people happy" your approach should have been 'is it possible/have you considered'....

    OK, now for the real answer, afaik there is absolutely no Destinator support for the Mac. MapMonkey uses the destinator SDK (engine for building apps that support maps/routing/etc)... so without destinator support for mac, even if mapmonkey itself were ported, the "mapping engine" (which is the base of the product) would still be missing....

    Map monkey in itself is only the "skeleton" that makes Destinator more useable in the car (freedrive is a differente skeleton for Destinator, and so is GaroNav also for destinator)...

    The problem is that the company that makes Destinator gives very poor support, buggy code, and is probably VERY unlikely to want to port something like their SDK for mac use...

    I hope I am proven wrong, and someone manages some workaround or to find a mac compatible gps sdk.... I too would like the size of the mmini in my car...

    2005 Range Rover 4.4
    Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)

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