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Thread: Problem GNS 5840 Bluetooth

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    Problem GNS 5840 Bluetooth


    my name is Dieter. I am from Germany (Munich) and I have a problem with my (new bought) GNS 5840 (GPS/TMC) Receiver. It is a bluetooth device and it will be connected correctly by windows on virtual Port4.
    But I dont get any connections with Map Monkey. I tried to use different Ports, Baud Rates and i tried the Autodetect Function - I already tried the "Normal Settings" (No advanced GPS) but it wont work.

    Please please help me - what can i do?

    Thanks, Dieter

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    Hallo Dieter. Da du ja Deutscher bist kann ich auch auf deutsch antworten. Probiers mal mit dem gns tool um das tmc signal abzustellen. Das findest du auf der gns seite im downloadbereich. Hier:

    Du musst Dich dort anmelden. Dann wirds funktionieren.

    Gruß Klaus

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    This is an international forum, post in whatever langauge you like.

    This is an international forum so you should answer in English. What do you think how much useful information you'd find here if everyone writes in it's native language ? Dieter seems to speak english very well.

    Quote Originally Posted by yellow
    Try turning off the TMC signal. You find it (the software for deactivating or what?) on the GNS site in the download section. Here:

    You'll have to register. Then it'll work.

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