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Thread: Map Monkey Error and hibernation/reconnect GPS & "reconnect" it is

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    Map Monkey Error and hibernation/reconnect GPS & "reconnect" it is

    I'm having the problem w/ mapmonkey and my gps receiver where, on hibernation, i get an error. After reading the forums, the hotfix fixed this problem if "reconnect gps" is set to "yes". i have this, but i'm still having the problem.

    number: -2147221187
    Description: Could not open comm port!
    Source: Reconnect_GPS
    Version: 1.1.348
    HelpContext: 1000440
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    This is a known problem as far as I have determind

    It isnt too much of a problem for me as it is easy to restart Map Monkey within Media Engine when i require it but all the same it is one that I hope will be fixed one day!

    As with all 'free' software - give it time im sure a solution will present itself over time once the auther has more time on this hands!

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