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Thread: Tmc?

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    Hi guys,

    Is there a possibility that TMC will be available in mapmonkey?
    Or does destinator doesn't support it right now.


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    I'm sure CCSNet will be along soon Hes Mr TMC!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gobby
    I'm sure CCSNet will be along soon Hes Mr TMC!
    You called

    Nope its not - I was hoping that Destinator PN might solve that but seeing as the SDK is pants I've not been able to confirm

    That been said Gobby has some thing the pipe line that we both worked on which should alow the data to be delivered via the net - when thats going to be done is done to him.

    In the mean time I personally use Mobileweb and the ( TMC ) and Vauxhall Traffic Net ( Trafficmaster ) sites... the datas basically the same as the over the air one.

    BTW - TMC in the UK is going to be a hard one as ITS holdings have decided to charge every body a fortune ( PDA users and OME systems alike ) hence you will see diffrent charging stuctures. How this affects us... most of the PDA software producers have removed and UK ( and I stress UK ) TMC support as most of the EU is free otherwise. This means that the likes of Co-pilot and Desitnator are no even intrested in UK TMC at the mo and therefore have even less intrest in to their PC versions.

    The only possible way forward for TMC really is Navigon NC5 ( which I have a copy of here curtasy of ) - now they are no diffrent to the other providers other than that they have just signed a 3 year deal with RAC Traffic Master ( a joint project ) for their TMC data which is launching later this year.... so we have a provider. No I have a TMC receiver here and I have tried it but it looks possible that the UK TMC is crippled even on v5 which is the very latest version.

    Oh - NC5 kicks arse over D3 and the rest of them - its one of the smothest and best looking maps I have see to-date - only down side POI sopport is not that good for any thing else other than the bundled ones.


    PS - Hows that Gobby - may want to use this as a refrence post as it took ages to type.

    Oh for any one intrested - the TMC codes are in the Destinator maps... I did look at a plugin to get the data from the TMC receiver and pass to D3 but I just dont have the programing skills to follow my application flow.

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