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Thread: Install MapMonkey in another location.

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    Install MapMonkey in another location.

    This may have been mentioned before but after a I could't find anything.

    I wish to have Destinator and MapMonkey on my d: drive as my c: is relitively small. By moving the files over and attempting to run MapMonkey I get an error.

    I noticed in the MapMonkey installer there is no option to change the installation directory. Can this be done or is it hard coded to work from c:\Destinator Apps\MapMonkey?


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    If you go down to the woods today, You're sure of
    the Destinator SDK is limited to run on the C: drive and in that particular location.

    the only way to change that would be to hack the DLL, but you might get some unwanted results.

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    here you go... basically you need to map c:\destinatorapps to point to a folder on your D drive...
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