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Thread: Starting MM trys to install IntelPROset software?

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    Starting MM trys to install IntelPROset software?

    At the end of installing MM on my laptop, it wanted to install some software called 'IntelPROset' inparticular wanted me to locate it 'proset.msi' program for it to install.
    I just chose cancel and it tryed again which I cancelled and then it went away.
    Everytime I now start MM it again tries to install this, requiring two times to cancel and then it just loads and seems to run fine.

    Why the hell does it want to install this?

    I did a search, so go easy on me if its been covered before

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    do you have wireless internet on your laptop or wired intel network card on your laptop?

    if so id just reinstall this software, its probably a windows problem rather than a map monkey problem.
    ive seen windows do this alot of times with the windows installer when certain programs access certain files...

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