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Thread: Integrated voice control in RR - MM help

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    Integrated voice control in RR - MM help

    Hi all,

    I posted this in the RR forum too, as I am not sure where best to post. Apologies for the dupe.

    I am using the integrated voice control in RR, and it works well (within RR), however when I use voice prompts in MapMonkey, the commands appears to be sent correctly, but MM does not respond. I verified that all applications are the latest ver, correctly installed and in the right location. I also defined hotkeys in MM which work with keyboard strokes. I searched this forum extensively and could not find anybody else with this problem. For example, if I am in the MM screen and speak "history" I get the attached dialoge box, which seems correct, but nothing happens. Any suggestions?

    Thanks all for the great work and support.

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