Hi everyone,

as this is my first post, time for a quick introduction. My name is Rana; and I am a programmer living in UK.

I am planning to put a PC in the car (don't we all); which led me to find a Nav software suitable for me. Thanks to one of my clients, I got around to play with MapPoint, autoRoute, Route66, Destinator and iGuidance. Finally, to me its a choice between Destinator or iGuidance (I think they have more uptodate maps). Now I found MapMonkey, and am impressed with the system.

However, there is a nagging issue; I really don't like the way Destinator takes an address to route to (iGuidance is much nicer in that sense; but why do they have right-mouse click?) : I like autoRoute for the ease of adding/moving points; and a nice search feature (ie; one screen with address/city/postcode options). I would like to have something similar.

been playing with Destinator SDK, and got a basic model working. My question to the community is (1) am I trying to reinvent the wheel; ie: is such a feature already available? (2) I can either write it as a Stand-alone, or as a Plugin for MM; the problem is, it would need some properties not supported by MapMonkey yet. Does anyone know if the development on MM has stopped?

If anyone is interested, I can post some screenshots.