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Thread: MM con Destinator 6

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    Quote Originally Posted by xpluis View Post
    I put destinator 5 map of mexico and work fine in destinator 3 with mapmonkey and freedrive.
    Same here with Australian maps.
    We must be speshil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShawJohn View Post
    AFAIK no one has successfully managed to get ND or PN maps working with the older SDK/DLL combo. You might get it to display, but routing will not work!
    Try to change with hex editor byte 0x04 in files WCE_A.MAP, WCE_A.POI, WCE_A.TAB in folder contains your map, from 02 (or whatewer is it) to 01.
    I've tested this solution with Israel English Version 2006.Q1.3877 map from Destinator PN 5.1.191 package.

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