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Thread: Place RR command buttons on MM skin?

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    Place RR command buttons on MM skin?

    I'm trying to maximise screen real estate for map display.

    Is it possible to place roadrunner commands in a MM skin? The only one I really want is the "MAIN" command, so I can get back to RR from MM without having to close it first.

    I've found lots of info about controlling MM from RR, but nothing for going the other way.

    I've also got another problem with muting winamp on voice prompts - MM mutes winamp, but also appears to be muting itself at the same time. I have it set to mute both winamp and line-in at the same time -if winamp isn't playing, the line-in mute works perfectly.

    Thanks in advance for any help and advice


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    I had the same problem with winamp. I foudn that I hadn't installed the output plugin "DirectSound" that allows winamp to have its own volume control. Winamp uses the "Wave" windows volume control when DirectSound isn't installed and when MM tells winamp to shoosh winamp will lower the windows wave volume affecting all your open apps.

    All I did was reinstall winamp with DirectSound support. Hope that helps.

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    That's brilliant - I did as you suggested, and it works perfectly!

    Many thanks


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