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Thread: PC Navigator 7 - Europe

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    I can't get getmef.exe to work properly because after loading the .xls file the 2 dropdown boxes where you select Lat & Long are blank.

    I used POI Converter to convert a TomTom .ov2 file into a .csv then DiggerQt.exe which produced the following files.

    uk_gatso_[default].png (image displayed on map)

    All these files were put in the "Import" folder and imported.

    I can see the gatso icons on the map fine but I keep getting this object data message when I try to activate the warnings.

    OK forget that.
    I followed your advice, renamed import.mef to cat999.mef then put it in the europe_ta folder and all is well.

    The only thing that bugs me about Nav7 is that you have to be in nav mode to get the warnings.
    With other GPS software like Sygic you can leave it running in the background and still get the warnings.

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    can you use on PC navigator 6??

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