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Thread: Centrafuse Navigator Free 11 integration

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    Centrafuse Navigator Free 11 integration

    Hi all,

    I have now finished my install and I'm running Windows 7 with centrafuse 3.1 as later versions I'm not quite happy with.
    The integrated sat nav with in CF is very poor, so I have been fiddling with Navigator Free 11.
    Is there a way to in CF use Navigator whilst maintaining the controls etc?

    GPS Gate will split my GPS signal for multiple programs to allow CF and Navigator 11 to both use the GPS signal at the same time.

    Any ideas?


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    Good afternoon,

    As no one seems to know how....

    I fiddled until it was working.

    Add external app, window name navigator make sure you load from the navigator free shortcut only.

    Not perfect but ok.

    I haven't got destinator and navigator free running at the same time yet cause CF switches the external app off by covering it while your moving...


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    Why not go into the CF setup and turn off navigation so it doesn't do that.

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