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Thread: PC Navigator 6 - Europe - coming next week

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    ok, looks like ill take the hit and buy v 7 then. thanks for the info.
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    i've just had an email back from indievolume who have confirmed that it will do this. I also asked if it would be possible to reduce the volume of winamp to 50% whilst the satnav spoke and they said they would add that in as a supported patch if/when i bought the product. I'm going to get it tonight!!!

    i am also going to open a new thread called
    "PC navigator 7".

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    Sounds good, its time for a how-to-do-it thread with pcnav7
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    here we go.

    please add to it as you wish.

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    Converting gps maps from mef format to csv (garmin format)

    Hi, im new in the gps maps business and would like some expert help on the following issue:
    I have pocket navingator maps for my country which has a .ttr and .mef formats. I want to convert them to .csv format to use on my Garmin GPS. Is there a program to use and if so where can I find it?

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