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Here are a coupla ideas for new features...
On the Lexus Ls 300 I believe (Altezza in the U.S) they have a feature whereby not only do you have a rear camera to aid reversing but....
It super imposes
-2 Converging lines (So you can see where the car will end up if you reverse)
-2 Arcs (So you can see where it will turn on full lock)
-A horizontal red line to let you know when you have parked safe and a box for parallel parking.
It looks easy to do - just superimpose lines on the rear webcam view but a calibration function would need to be included for different cars.

On the Alpine "Premier Sound" Hifis fitted to the new Jags there is a button on the radio for use when there is no one else in the car but the driver....
Basically what it does is shift the "focus" of the sound from the centre of the car to the driver for optimum enjoyment.
For 5.1. enabled boards wouldthis be possible???
I would love that, but than also 6.1 support for:
- Driver only
- Driver and front passenger only
- Driver, front passanger, and two backseat passengers

And maybe this:

A full screen spectrum analyzer like the TFT in the middle.