There are so many new things in Media Engine... Where do I start... I will make a list

Supports Creative CIMR, X10, Irman
Does not "double press" if repeat is set correctly
Better control over the repeat delay feature

New images, better layout, new Touchscreen Mode with "touch and hold"... No more banging the screen with your finger
Change Media Engine's Fonts, Colors, Background Images
Supports all resolutions up to 1024x768..

New Features
Switch to another playlist while music is playing
Natively supports full screen vis without losing app control
Displays Album Cover Art while playing (WMP folder.jpg)
Automatically keeps application in focus, so no lost control
Page up Page down in all media lists
Shuffle function added
Timing is better... Displays track time while playing music

Fixed Windows Shell bug
Fixed "1/2 screen" bug

I don't remember everything.. You gotta give it a try.

Media Engine 1.6.5