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Thread: Dealing with Requests

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    Dealing with Requests

    I don't do any ME development, but I have done dev with a big linux wardrive app. Here is the general deal.

    Carcomp cannot implement a peice of hardware into ME without having it to test. He can't do a certain type of remote without that remote to test it on.

    Hopefully I will find my gps reciever at my parents house so I can send him to get GPS working. I have agreed to donate it to him as long as he needs it for then he'll return it back.

    This is the best way to get support into ME for a certain piece of hardware.

    Hopefully this will clear some things up why certain things have no been added when so many people request it. The one example I can think of is widescreen support. Its hard for him to test his code without a widescreen panel.
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    Carcomp - I am happy to do the wide screen testy bit if you want ?



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