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Thread: noob questions, can't find a FAQ

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    noob questions, can't find a FAQ


    As with most noobs, I'm planning my carputer and playing around with media engine (1.77f) to see if it will do what I want.

    The FAQ link on the homepage just takes you back to the home I guess I'll just ask my dumb questions here and hope for the best

    1) Is there a list of features / basic instructions? I had to run it and mess around to see what it does/doesn't do. A simple list like (music, gps, dvd, etc)

    2) The playlist screen, what exactly does this do? I can't seem to make playlists with it, only select 1 song to play.

    3) I get stuck in the playlist screen, I click the up arrow to get the sub menu displayed. Then I click the home icon, it says loading, but it returns me back,I am stuck in this screen. I have to kill ME to get out.

    4) In that same sub menu, there is a little eyeball icon, clicking it seems to do nothing and I don't know what it should do.

    5) When I play an mp3, it always displays "unknown artist", even though I had the ripper set the id tags. It knows the title ok though.

    6) the volume seems to default to 0 the first time, kinda confusing

    7) I saw in a post that for movies the progress bar is clickable, but I'm unable to do that? I.E. I click on it but nothing happens.

    8) I saw a lot of posts relating to integration with winamp, I have no clue how to do that, will that let me have visualizations and such? I see nothing in the options menu's about that.

    9) the installer forces you to install to C:, I hate that in installers

    10) what is this written in? VB? C? Just curious.

    11) external application, I guess you can only pick 1? That seems limiting.

    I hope I don't sound like I'm complaining, I think it rocks so far and I'm probably just suffering from a lack of documentation



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    I don't know about V1 but here is a list of the features in V2.... Go on its worth it. I have looked around a ME is the best thing I have found any where. All I can say is contribute where you can... its to every ones benifit.


    Automatic updating / self generating ADO Jet music database with background processing. (Browse by artist / genre / playlist / file system layout / etc..)
    New ID3 generation system.
    Mix movies and music in same directory
    Built in "ftp style" playlist creator. (In the works)
    Built in DVD ROM player.
    Support for most movie formats, plus the ability to add new ones on the fly if you want.
    Ability to support any music format (So long as Winamp plays it).
    Play VCDs (In the works)
    Play Movies / music audio off CD Rom.
    New Version of Winamp (2.9 vs. 2.8).
    Better Visualization support (In the works).
    Drop shadowed lists for better visibility on low resolution monitors
    Unlimited external apps (In the works)
    Modularized internal code.
    Better / different error handling.
    More skin customizations.
    Known "bugs" fixed (Overlapping text, album art bug etc..)

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    Well the above post should cover just about everything, but I had the "Unknown Artist" problem myself. Check your ripper and make sure that it is filling in the ID3v1 as well as v2. ME can't seem to read v2 just yet but it's probably in the works.

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