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Seraph - how do you like the Clarion AutoPC? I'm just in the process of pulling it out of my car; I wrote an MP3 player for it (as far as I know, I'm only the 2nd person to have ever done so - it was a pain in the ***) but found after getting into it that the device only supports 22 Khz for audio file playback (44 khz for CD).

I assume you were using Music Player 2.0 for the AutoPC - how did you find it while the GPS was on? I spoke (through e-mail) with the guy who wrote it after helping him ban some illegal auctions of his software from e-Bay, and he claimed that he would often drop playback down to 11hz (and sometimes mono!) to keep the sound smooth ...

BTW - loved the old SVXs!



I like the clarion AutoPC. (Hell, I have a forum for that [http://www.stars-gazer.com/~autopc/]) I am trying to port WinCE 4.3 for automotive to the 310C. Music player is good. It works ok with CDs although I do have a ton of MP3 on CF card as well since it works better with navigation. You can still get the pirated versions of musicplayer 2 on ebay. I have no problem sharing stuff online (as long as I can legally do it) but ebay is just wrong.

Yepp. I love the SVXes too. It's my 3rd SVX and I am looking for my 4th. Both will be keepers this time. I love the look I get on the people's faces when I pull up next to them. They are not racers but at highway speeds, they are a joy to ride.