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Thread: Can you delete a song from your harddrive in ME2?

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    Can you delete a song from your harddrive in ME2?

    Say if i'm listening to a song, and i don't like it.. is there a way to delete it off the harddrive, and off your playlist in ME2? I haven't figured that out... i know there is a way with Winamp but not sure with ME2... ANyone know?


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    Not wishing to speak for the developers, but here is my take on this.

    I believe that this won't be implemented, as all it needs is someone to say "Your program deleted my files, i'm suing you" and that's it, the end of ME! You're bound to get some stupid person who's gonna hit the wrong button, ignore any and all warnings and still blame it on the developers.

    However if the developers wish to prove me wrong...well then it won't be the first time!!

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