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Thread: Touchscreen Problem

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    Touchscreen Problem


    Just purchased a Lilliput 7" Touchscreen, and so far very happy with it. I'm using this with MediaEngine 2 and most of the touchscreen features work, however I can't select the following when on touch.

    * Scroll up/down buttons i.e. for mp3 listings
    * FWD/RWD buttons
    * Volume Up/Down

    Does anybody know why this is happening? Do I need an update or check an option under settings.

    Also, for the screen, is it wise to download a specific Monitor driver, and if so, where can I download this from?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I had the same problem and found out that the issue was with ME. I uninstalled/reinstalled ME multiple times and it didn't fix it. I tried to do an update and that didn't help. I am using XP so I ended up running System restore back to before I EVER installed ME. That seemed to work. Short of that... thats the only way I know. If you find a better way keep us informed.
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    Thanks for the reply and help!

    I seem to have it working now. It seemed to be because I had a USB mouse plugged in at the same time. Maybe it had been causing some kind of a comflict with the touchscreen device.

    But wow! does the job now All I need to do now is sort out power/wiring for the car.

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    same problems other solution
    I m also running windows XP and havve a lilliput screen
    and had the same problem and just I reinstalled the lilliput drivers
    and it was working

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