We really should have a sticky for these type of threads

While thinking about putting different car logos on the skin im currently working on, it came across my mind that ill have to do a lot more than just update the background image with a logo. As my buttons on the main screen arent square shappped, when i cut them out they have parts of the background image. So basicly i or someone else will have to update the whole skin. Not a really big issues, but will get time consumeing after a couple of variations.

Is there a way we can have hot mapping instead of different images for the actual buttons. Since ME is being used mostly on touchscreens, there really isnt much use of the button rollover function. How about just making it so in skinmaker you draw a selection box around the image of your button and then define what you want it to do. That way the background screen is your background and your buttons in one image. Simple

Also, carcomp if your listening.
There seems to be some weirdness going on on the other screens in ME.
Everyother screen except the main screen seems to stretch the images.
Is there a way to stop this from happening ?