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Thread: Fairy Radio/Axife FM Player

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    Fairy Radio/Axife FM Player

    I'm new here, but not new to the CarPuter idea.. I've been screwing around with this for a while as a side project here at work.. (having built a few Sproggy power supply's to power an old WebSurfer Pro running 98Lite) I had abandoned it for a while, not having a decent platform to develop on but had fired it back up with the release if the Mini-ITX hardware.

    I've seen the bullets features of Media Engine and it looks similar to what I've been working on. However the direction I chose for FM support wasn't to go directly to the tuner card, not that it was difficult.. (it was mostly just ugly) I chose to use the engine from FairyRadio (Now re-released as Axife FM Player from It works like a TiVo but for FM radio, keeping a buffer of radio that you can easilly record from or scroll back to re-play radio. It uses visualizations from WinAmp.

    I don't know if it's useful to you or not but I worked with the author to develop a VB class object to controll the engine.. I just downloaded the Media Engine and will check it out.

    **Thanks for doing this in VB, and thanks for releasing the source. **
    I'm a pretty decent VB coder when I'm motivated to be, and I'm hopeful to find some time to help further the project.


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    97 views/ no replies?

    This seams like a good idea.. How big is the engine and what will the owner allow as far as integrating it into other apps?

    Also, I'd like to see what your app has to offer. Could you post your options and some screenshots?

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