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Thread: We need an assistant.

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    We need an assistant.

    The MediaEngine dev team is looking for someone to seriously put some time and effort into writing a manual for the next version. The person will be in close contact with CarComp and or Phat_b to write out detailed explanations of all of the new AND old implemented functions.

    We are looking a person who will seriously do this for us, and not peter out halfway through it. The person will be allowed access to beta copys of unreleased version of m.e for testing and translating to text.

    If you are interested, you can start writing a manual now by continuing off the current manual the manual that is available from the link. Submit your updated manuals.
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    i may have some time to wiriting one up hmm.. gimme a couple days to get ya a sample I guess

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    is the sunday collection not enough???
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