hello folks!

as a newbie at first greetings to you all from austria!

currently i'm trying hard to get a computer platform running in my audi a6...

what it should accomplish is this:
viewing rear and front park cameras
MP3z easy listening
etc. (e.g. moviez, voice recognition)

current (not built-in) solution:
barebone elitegroup ez-buddie d1s4-2 with 12Vin @ 2.2GHz celeron
cartft (or lilliput) 7'' touchscreen monitior
gns gps+tmc mouse
old geforce2+vivo
4 ccd b/w bullet cameras
click-n-type virtual keyboard for input
media engine 2.0
(i'm still seeking a simple video overlay viewer to watch input from video-in via wdm-driver... )

...so what's the problem?

so far media engine 2 works perfect for me *)
but, is it possible to switch the 12h time format to 24h format in the clockbar?

*) ME2 hangs sometimes when awakening from hibernation-mode (with/without running motherboard monitor)
--->black screen & need for hard reset (sometimes mbm-core error...)

thx in advance!