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Thread: skin maker help please

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    skin maker help please

    ok i done my desgin on ps then used the default skin with skinmaker to change the buttons i saved it but it only saved the all the jpegs i canot get it to work in media engine as normal skins have two files the skn file and the file containing the jpegs/gif files

    my problem is i only have a folder contaning the pictures
    someone please help me here

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    Ok. I'd like to help, but I'm not really sure what you are asking. Some punctuation perhaps?

    Anywayz, the latest version of SkinMaker is trash in my opinion. It took me hours to make a skin for my Supra that should have only taken minutes because I had to stuff around with it's quirks. I think someone needs to look into fixing some of the bugs in skinmaker soon cause it's pretty much unusable.

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