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Thread: Note on Winamp

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    Note on Winamp

    I know the official word is the latest Winamp is not supported, but I have yet to have any issues with it. One thing I do recommend you all install and copy over the latest winamp.exe file to the main directory. The reason being is the sound quality on the latest .exe has greatly improved and is alot less muddy than the older version ME ships with.

    Also, I strongly recommend using the shibatch in_mpg123.dll and Otachan out_asio.dll plugins - they phenomenally improve sound!

    Read about these on an old Extremetech article and now I have been using these for years. Site is in Japanese and the plugins were regularly updated until recently:
    You need a compression program called "7-Zip" if you want to unzip the latest ones from his site.
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    Any chance you could find + post a link to the article you speak of?
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