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Thread: ME and dual monitors

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    ME and dual monitors

    hey there,

    i couldnt find any posts concerning this subject.
    i want to run ME on my second monitor (connected through RCA) and windows on my first.

    eventhough i tried using the Nvidia windows driver's utility, it won't run ME in the second window.

    waiting for your help,
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    I can't see this working without some support being written for it into MediaEngine. From what I can see, ME starts up in fullscreen mode on the primary monitor and doesn't store any window position information when it closes. If it doesn't store window position info then it's using either a hardcoded value or the window CW_USEDEFAULT value(well, the vb equivalent anyway) when creating the window, either way it will always popup on the primary monitor which is why it goes full screen there.

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    I'm just now getting back to the forums and haven't really brushed up on a lot of this, but if the resolutions are the same for both screens, then it should just be a matter of telling VB to move the screen a certain direction to the right or left. I used to do this all the time with my programs. The code would look something like this:

    'size the windows to full screen
    with <form>
    .top = 0
    .left = 0
    .width = screen.width
    .height = screen.height
    .left = .left - screen.width ' < This is where you tell it where to go. I have it set to go left.
    end with

    (been a while since I've used VB, so my syntax may be a little off.)

    Just my 2 cents, though, I wouldn't use VB for a media player. It's just too slow and bulky.

    Good luck.
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