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Thread: ME crashes after Hibernation.

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    ME crashes after Hibernation.


    When i run ME on my XP Pro and shut down with hibernation, after restart, the sound is gone and ME hungs up (you can only see the mp3 screen of ME). when i shut the task (mediaengine.exe), i'm on the desktop, but sound doesn't work. so i have to restart, and sound is OK again.
    when i don't start ME, and only use winamp for example, there are no problems with hibernation, only when i use ME.
    I fount the log. i hope it will help:

    07.07.2007 17:16:20 - APMSuspend Complete... Computer suspended.
    07.07.2007 17:16:20 - SUSPEND REQUEST GRANTED - Entering Low Power Mode
    07.07.2007 17:18:01 - PBT_APMRESUME Detected - HEX:218 LONG:536 - 7
    07.07.2007 17:18:01 - Begin APMResume Routines
    07.07.2007 17:18:01 - Remote Initialize = False
    07.07.2007 17:18:01 - Finish APMResume Subroutine
    07.07.2007 17:18:21 - saved audio data

    What can I do?

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    I have installed following progs:

    Win XP Pro
    Media Engine

    my Webcam
    USB Radio

    In Media Engine i only have the webcamprog. and the TV prog. integrated in External Applications.

    nothing more.

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