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Thread: Playing music while returning to home screen?

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    Playing music while returning to home screen?

    Hi guys im the new guy...

    I hope to be part of what looks to be an awesome community here . i have searched Google and the forums but i returned nothing but useless stuff irrelevant to what I'm wanting to know. i have media engine installed and working great except for this little annoying problem...

    how do you keep the music playing while returning to the home screen? so as to choose say external applications and still have music playing? or load up the GPS stuff etc you get the drift i hit the up arrow and every time I hit "home icon" all audio stops and I'm left with nothing but the home screen.. any help would be great please just tell me I'm hitting the wrong button... thanks guys i hope to get a simple answer back .. maybe I'm just stupid but this is driving me mad, i love the interface and everything if this little annoyance goes away this program would be perfect.

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    Welcome to the community.

    First off, ME was designed to stop all play when returning to the home screen. You can do everything else while still listening to music, except for video (obviously) if you follow the next steps. At the music player screen, click on the submenu button to bring up the submenu, on the far right will be the GPS button that will bring you to your NAV program without stopping the music, the screen will even auto adjust to still have the audio buttons on the left. In the music player submenu, you can click on the browse button to browse your media folder while still playing music as well as using your external apps too.

    If you do not see any of these buttons, it is possible that they were omitted when that particular skin was created although that area of the submenu still contains that functinality.

    Hope this sheds some light.
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