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Thread: windows media center remote

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    windows media center remote

    I just got a windows media center remote from a friend. I am using media engine as my front end. How can I get this to work for me. The drivers install in xp. But media engine won't recognize it. Is there any way to make a usb virtual serial bridge of some sort?
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    thread moved to the media engine forum since getting it to work will be dependent upon media engine.
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    The media center remote is not supported by MediaEngine, and there are no plans to add it. I would suggest looking for an IRMan.
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    I am not familiar with Media Engine and I am a newbie here (this is actually my first post) but you may be able to use a program called hip if Media Engine will accept keyboard commands. I used it to start sagetv, gbpvr, and beyondtv on a media center system using the "green button", as well as controlling set top boxes with the blaster. It has native support for a MCE remote and reciever. You can download it at It's been so long since I've used it so I can't walk you through setting it up, but you should be able to get help here I hope that helps.

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